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9 results

9 results

The one and only Iron Man

"I am just not the hero type. Clearly."- Iron Man movie (2008)

He is a genius, a billionaire, a playboy, and a philanthropist. Tony Stark is the ideal superhero. Sassy and fun-loving, he is anything but boring. "Let's take the day off, I know this great place where you get shawarma, you've tried shawarma," these are the exact line by the guy who just a nuclear missile to outer space to destroy the alien spacecraft. All the other superheroes have their respective alter ego- Superman's alter ego is Clark Kent, Peter Parker is Spiderman, and Bruce Wayne is Batman but all of us know who IRON MAN is. Isn't he AWESOME? His high level intelligence allows him to create technology that provides him superpowers and assists him in adeptly escaping tough situations. Defining superhero and setting the tone where one personality representing a lighter side of comics while the other driving from darker aspect grounded to reality. The movie that started it all and changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever, making it what it is today. What sprung from this incredible beginning is that it redefined the entertainment industry giving us one hell of a ride. A decade ago Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. was the first film that Marvel had creative control over, giving us the concept of post-credit scenes and gifting us with a larger Marvel movie franchise, whether the world was ready for it, or not.

Thank you for all you've done for us, Iron Man!

100% power with Iron Man Official Merchandise

Embrace your distinct personality and proudly declare, "I am Iron Man" with our Iron Man t shirt. Become part of the bigger universe with our Iron Man Official Merchandise. Stay powered up with our Arc Reactor t-shirt. When things are looking Stark, rely on these best Iron Man t shirt to save the day.

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Be a Super fan

Are you a Stark fan? Then it is time to up your style game like your ideal.

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